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In addition to the care and support provided by medical staff personnel, St. Michael Hospital offers several specialized services to help patients and families cope with the emotional effects and practical concerns of the illness.

Our social workers regularly counsel cancer patients and families to help them deal with issues related to work, finances, insurance coverage, emotional stress, legal matters, household assistance and community resources. Spiritual care and support are provided by pastoral representatives from all denominations as needed or desired. Patients also have access to the psychotherapy staff and services of the St. Michael Hospital Mental Health Center.

In addition, support groups are available through the Cancer Care Center to offer patients, family and friends more opportunities to share concerns with others who understand.

People diagnosed with cancer now have more reason to be hopeful about their future than ever before. Thanks to medical progress, early diagnosis and prompt treatment, patients are living far longer and feeling much better with treatment. While a cancer diagnosis still comes with fears and uncertainties, the treatments that are available today offer all patients new hope for survival and cure.



April 3, 2003
10:27 PM


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