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Our services are based on our belief that it is our responsibility to provide the highest quality of care possible to the community. We promote patient wellness and encourage patients with diabetes to increase their understanding of the disease and appropriately and successfully manage it.

Our Diabetes Services benefit patients by:

•Offering the convenience of a hospital setting
•Allowing patients to cooperate in their own care under the continued direction from their personal physician
•Encouraging self-care
•Providing quality care in a cost-effective manner

Successful management of diabetes is not possible without a firm knowledge base.


•To provide a multidisciplinary outpatient program for patients who require continuing diabetes education after or instead of hospitalization.
•To maintain the same high quality care as that for inpatients and to do so in a cost- effective manner.
•To maintain a safe environment for patients and their families.
•To provide and maintain a warm and comfortable environment, to reduce stress and anxiety while providing educational programs.
•To increase patients' knowledge of the principles of management and self-care of diabetes.
•To demonstrate St. Michael Hospital's quality caring in the community.
•To promote Covenant Healthcare's mission of human and community development.

Multidisciplinary Team Members

•The Patient
•Certified Diabetes Educator
•Registered Dietitian
•Exercise Physiologist
•Foot Clinic Coordinator
•The Patient's Personal Physician

Programs Offered

Individual consultation on any of the following topics:

•Basics of diabetes management
•Insulin administration or adjustment
•Home glucose monitoring
•Pregnancy and diabetes
•Meal planning and preparation
•Exercise evaluation and prescription
•Group classes focused on basic diabetes information and management
•A monthly support group is offered free-of-charge


Diabetes education is usually covered by insurance. Check with your insurance provider.

For more information about Outpatient Diabetes Services at St. Michael Hospital, please call 414-527-8397.



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