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St. Michael Hospital - Family Care Center The Family Care Center at St. Michael Hospital is a free-standing clinic adjacent to the Hospital. The Center is staffed by physicians from the St. Michael Hospital Family Practice Residency Program. Our Program is Wisconsin's oldest and largest, community-based family practice residency program. It is affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Generally, patients in the Family Care Center have a doctor who is a resident working on a family practice specialty. Our residents are medical school graduate doctors who are working under the supervision of faculty doctors.

Our family doctors treat the whole family from infancy to old age. Our patients have the advantage of receiving the most up-to-date health care possible.

A Partnership in Health

Today's family physician is your partner in a lifetime of good health. Family physicians focus on preventive as well as curative medicine and they work with patient to help educate them in way to stay healthy. Because family physicians can treat the entire family and understand the family's total health picture, they derive a unique and invaluable health perspective. The result is that each family member receives better overall health management. And with more patient visits made to family physicians than to any other type of doctor, family physicians are the doctors of choice everywhere in America.

Special Training, Special Care

Family physicians, unlike general practitioners, complete an extensive three year residency in the specialty of "Family Practice." This program trains family physicians in a variety of medical fields including pediatrics, internal medicine, preventive medicine, obstetric/gynecology, and geriatrics. Family Physicians are also qualified to care for individuals of any age. Some say the family doctor disappeared with the horse and buggy. Happily, family medicine is alive and well thanks to the 50,000 practicing Family Physicians in America. Source: Reader's Digest (October 1991)

If you have any questions about the St. Michael Hospital Family Care Center, please feel free to contact us at 414-527-8191.



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