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Turning Good Intentions into Nutrition Habits

At the Nutrition Clinic, we believe that obesity and nutrition-related problems are multi-faceted. Knowledge, motivation and behavioral skills must all be developed to meet an individual's abilities and needs. That is why a Registered Dietitian - a nutrition expert - conducts all individualized consultations.

The first step is often the most difficult...especially for someone who has started many times before and failed to achieve or maintain their goal. Let us help you take the first our Nutrition Clinic at 414-527-8298 for more information.

An Individualized Program for Health Management

This consists of a series of consultations with a registered dietitian that have been tailored for the individual.

Your dietitian, in the role of nutrition counselor, will help you in recognizing your needs, setting realistic health goals and designing a program that can improve your nutrition...and your health.

In reaching for a new and healthful lifestyle, you will learn to select and prepare the right foods to meet your nutritional needs and to reduce your weight.

You can choose to have your spouse or family member involved in some of your sessions. Otherwise all meetings with your dietitian/nutrition counselor are strictly confidential.

For more information about the Nutrition Clinic at St. Michael Hospital, please call 414-527-8298.



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